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Cheryl spends her daylight hours doing technical writing for a small tech firm. When the moon is full, she writes fiction. Her manuscripts have finaled in the Reveal Your Inner Vixen and Great Expectations contests and won the On The Far Side contest.  

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You can contact Cheryl directly at:


In Time for Christmas, Cheryl Alldredge’s heartfelt story brings the time of the Vikings to vivid life. Her incredible gift at encapsulating details and emotions will leave readers yearning for more stories by this talented author.

This compelling time travel beautifully juxtaposes the beliefs of the Vikings with those of the Christians to create a fascinating and sensitive portrait of Christmas.







Ladybugs and Fireflies is now available as part of a 3 books set. Thanks to Highland Press for including the story!

The Twist of Time time-travel anthology is available now.

Her Viking Warrior has been published in the Twist of Time anthology. This was actually the original plan for the story, but there were unexpected delays for the publisher. Very excited that Her Viking Warrior is now available in print, as part of this multi-author time travel anthology.








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